The REST API Design Handbook (English Edition) por George Reese

August 18, 2019

The REST API Design Handbook (English Edition) por George Reese

Titulo del libro: The REST API Design Handbook (English Edition)

Autor: George Reese

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 4, 2012

Número de páginas: 97 páginas

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Designing and implementing web services APIs has become a common part of every software engineer's job. The RESTful approach to web services design is rapidly become the approach of choice. Unfortunately, too few people have truly solid REST API design skills, and discussions of REST can become bogged down in dry theory.

The REST API Design Handbook is a simple, practical guide to aid software engineers and software architects create lasting, scalable APIs based on REST architectural principles. The book provides a sound foundation in discussing the constraints that define a REST API. It quickly goes beyond that into the practical aspects of implementing such an API in the real world.

Written by cloud computing expert George Reese, The REST API Design Handbook reflects hands on work in consuming many different third party APIs as well the development of REST-based web services APIs. It addresses all of the debates the commonly arise while creating these APIs. Subjects covered include:

* REST architectural constraints
* Using HTTP methods and response codes in an API
* Authenticating RESTful API calls
* Versioning
* Asynchronous Operations
* Pagination and Streaming
* Polling and Push Notifications
* Rate Limiting